It looks like 1st Assistant Directors blog gave me a shout out because I just got a ton of followers all of sudden, more so than our normal trickle of suckers followers who check out my AD blog.

So hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve done an introduction. I’m a low-budget/non-union 1st Assistant Director aspiring to be DGA someday. I’ve been working professionally as an AD for over four years now, making it be my primary job for over three years now and I’ve 1st AD’d nearly ten features now and countless shorts, music videos, webisodes, infomercials, etc. over the years. I live in a Right To Work state where I get to work with a healthy mix of up and coming crew and cast and union old timers. I’ve done a bizillion SAG projects and have dealt with everything from financial disaster projects to producers who have almost killed the whole crew. And everything in between.

Feel free to ask questions, send hate mail, or chocolate chip cookies. I love getting those.

Currently, I’m in pre-production for my 12th feature in the AD department, which is slated to shoot early November.


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Assistant Directors don't always yell. Sometimes we write about stuff. Because I'm a workaholic, I sometimes feel the need to document the things I see and the questions that are raised while going through the most insane process of making a director's dreams come true. About me: My name is Michelle. I am a (currently) non-union First Assistant Director working out of Austin, TX. I hope to one day join the DGA and direct my own scripts on the side, but until that time comes... Got questions? Comments? Complaints? A project you want me to AD? (I'm cheap!) Email me at - goingforpicture@gmail.com You can also find me on the good ol' twitter - twitter.com/m0thra

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